UNCG’s Chapter of AAUP

AAUP is here to serve the interests of all faculty at UNCG, whether Professional Track or tenure track, and budding faculty (graduate students). AAUP is the ONLY organization that advocates for us all; it is committed to academic freedom, shared governance, and due process. Our chapter becomes stronger, and has a more powerful voice, the more of us are joined together. We encourage you to become a member. Here is our mission statement.

News and Updates

  • Summary of the Town Hall Meeting that took place on Friday 09 09 2022. In the interests of transparency, we would like everyone to be aware of the concerns that were raised and ideas about how these concerns can be addressed.
  • Outraged by What This Administration is Doing (and Not Doing) regarding ITS? First, if you can, attend this afternoon’s meeting of the Faculty Senate (09 07, from 3 to 5, via zoom) to see Vice-Chancellor Donna Heath present on the impending disastrous situation. Second, read this message sent out today from the Executive Committee of AAUP, inviting everyone to a Town Hall meeting scheduled for Friday, 09 09 2022, in Curry 225, from 1 to 5, for an open discussion (yes, you DO have a voice).
  • Shared Governance and Transparency at UNCG? Where did it go? We need this! Yet again, this administration is taking decisions that will have a terrible effect on all faculty, staff, and students, and the only “sharing” that is being permitted is after the decisions have been taken. Vice-Chancellor Donna Heath recognizes the “high negative impact” of the coming IT changes that will have a “disruptive and disabling” impact on students, staff, and faculty. Nonetheless, no attempt was made to solicit faculty, staff, or student opinion ahead of time. This alarming information is not yet being shared with faculty at large, but Vice-Chancellor Heath has agreed to share it at next week’s UNCG-AAUP meeting at our request and to take questions afterward.  Our meetings are open to all members and prospective members. So come, one and all, to learn what has been happening behind the curtain and how it is going to be impacting you in the very near future. The meeting will be on Tuesday, September 6, from 3 to 4. You have a voice!! The zoom link is: https://uncg.zoom.us/j/95355346339
  • Major themes from our February 2022 survey of faculty climate