Reclaiming Higher Education for All North Carolinians: A Vision Statement of the NC AAUP

The full statement includes explanations of each point in the vision and may be viewed and downloaded here:


The preamble and outline of the statement follow:

At a time when the basic principles governing higher education throughout the country and in our state are being challenged, we, as professors in North Carolina universities, feel compelled to reaffirm our core beliefs. We speak not merely as private individuals and members of a profession, but as guardians of the public trust, whose responsibility it is, whether we teach at public or private institutions, to educate our citizens and promote knowledge. We hold the following educational principles to be self-evident and integral to the wellbeing and dignity of all North Carolinians:

Outline of our vision:

  1. Higher education is a human right that must be available to all NC citizens.
  2. State funding for the core academic mission of public higher education must be restored and must prioritize academics.
  3. The principle of shared governance is essential to preserving higher education’s core mission and values.
  4. A diverse range of course offerings and academic programs must be offered at each UNCG campus.
  5. Research must be a system-wide priority.
  6. Faculty must earn a living wage.
  7. Academic freedom remains essential to higher education’s mission.



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