Our lives begin to end the day we stand silent about things that matter.  Desmond Tutu

The University of North Carolina- Greensboro Chapter of the American Association of Univers ity Professors is part of the North Carolina Conference and the nation-wide organization as a whole.

Our mission is to promote higher education and research at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro; to advocate for the welfare of the professorate; to advance the causes of academic freedom, tenure, shared governance, due process, and the other objectives of the AAUP; to represent school-wide interests and concerns of faculty members; and to communicate our school institution’s concerns to the National AAUP.

Please read this document from Sue Dennison (Chapter President) detailing why you should join our Chapter! Then please go to the “Join” tab of this website to find even more information!

Chapter meetings are held monthly at 4 pm in 269 Stone Building.

Benefits of having an active AAUP Chapter on our campus:

  • Help institutionalize AAUP policies around issues like shared governance and academic freedom
  • Have an organized group of faculty ready when we need to act as a group
  • Speak truth to power in a way that no single faculty member can
  • Pursue grievances for individual faculty members or for an entire organization
  • Encourage transparency regarding university revenue and spending
  • Provide national representation of our campus’ challenges and/or suggestions
  • Collaborate with experienced national staff to resolve various campus problems
  • Help educate a community or at the state level about what should be important and valued in higher education

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